Wealth Management

At Numo, we believe that starting to plan for retirement early and consistently, even in small ways, can make a big difference over the course of your working years. Starting to invest for retirement in your twenties creates good habits early on and creates a solid portfolio foundation throughout your career and family growth. Are we meeting you not so early in life? Not a problem. Our advisors can audit your current portfolio and finances and create a short-term financial plan to help pivot your retirement savings plan.

How we help

Goal Setting

The first step in creating a successful strategy is defining your goals, allowing us to understand your current situation and desired destination.

Choosing the appropriate strategy

We work with you to create a customized, result-oriented investment portfolio that is tailored to your unique investor profile, taking into consideration factors such as your asset mix, risk tolerance, and timeframe. 


Financial Clarity

Gain financial clarity when it comes to investing. We take a proactive approach to managing your investments, regularly monitoring their performance against industry benchmarks and staying in touch with you to ensure that we meet your evolving needs and goals.



The Tax-Free Savings Account is a useful tool for achieving your savings goals, as it allows you to earn investment income and capital gains tax-free.

Goals can include building an emergency fund, saving for a down payment on a house, or planning for retirement.


Registered Retirement Savings Plans are a tax-advantaged investment vehicle designed to help you save for their retirement years.

One benefit of contributing to an RRSP is the tax deduction for your contribution, which can help reduce your taxable income and ultimately lower your tax bill.


Registered Education Savings Plans  are specialized savings accounts designed to help parents save for their children’s post-secondary education, with the added benefit of government grants and tax-deferred growth.


A Registered Retirement Income Fund is a type of retirement account designed to provide a steady stream of income for retirees by converting their RRSPs into taxable withdrawals.


A first-time home savings account is a tax-sheltered savings account designed to help Canadians save for a down payment on their first home while also providing a tax deduction on their contributions.


Non-registered investments provide flexibility in meeting savings goals for short- or long-term objectives outside of registered accounts, while also providing potential tax advantages such as capital gains treatment and dividend tax credits.

“Brady and the team at Numo Financial have been profound contributors to the success of my portfolio, both personally and professionally for the past 5 years. As a busy entrepreneur and working parent I appreciate the initiative team Numo takes in keeping me on track and supporting the growth of my business”

– CM