The Story Behind “Numo”

At Numo Financial, we promise to bring enthusiasm, work ethic, and authenticity to every touchpoint in building your wealth strategies. Connecting and listening to our clients’ stories and sharing in their success and growth is the best part of what we do.

Speaking of stories, here’s a bit about how principal Brady Carpenter named the company:

In February of 2016, Brady’s fiancée Andrea began having extreme chest pains. She frequented the hospital and doctor’s offices for what was diagnosed simply as a virus. A nurse herself, Andrea had an intuitive feeling there was something more. Listening to her body she pushed the doctors to evaluate what she believed to be a “pneumothorax” – the presence of air or gas in the cavity between the lungs and the chest wall, which causes collapsing of the lung.

X-rays confirmed her suspicions, showing that she had already lost 80% of her lung capacity. Because she was young and active, the regular symptoms of pneumothorax did not present itself in the same way it would a regular patient. Part luck, part timing, Andrea was able to have surgery and recovered fully from her condition.

As her partner, this experience was an unexpected rollercoaster for their family.

In one moment Brady and Andrea went from planning a wedding to being in the hospital. For the first time in his own life, Brady was able to understand the weight of what it meant to be prepared financially as a young family.

Everything Brady had advised clients and practiced himself, such as having 3 months income saved for an emergency and proper insurance in place, suddenly hit home. He learned first-hand that life doesn’t always go as planned, and in these moments we have the opportunity to learn and persevere, but we must be prepared.

Andrea’s pneumothorax inspired our name “numo”

It is an honest reflection of what Brady and Andrea went through as a family and how our team helps people through Numo Financial. In short, “numo” stands for “new moments” and having a viable financial plan to support them.

“Brady and the team at Numo Financial have been profound contributors to the success of my portfolio, both personally and professionally for the past 5 years. As a busy entrepreneur and working parent I appreciate the initiative team Numo takes in keeping me on track and supporting the growth of my business”

– CM

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